Saturday, January 2, 2010

Brrrr...4th Week of Training Runs

Well the good news of this morning was we had a nice short 5 mile run on the schedule. Sole Train member Michelle braved the cold weather along with her fearless run leaders Bobby and Sandra. There was a pretty decent turn out on the whole for being such a cold and windy day. The overall pace today was a bit slower than normal due to the dodging of the ice on the roadways. The course was a fun and windy route through some really neat neighborhoods.

Although it was quite chilly, it was fun to have a nice crowd around. I suppose the saying is true...Misery does indeed love company. As we passed the bank, I documented that it was indeed that cold out...

The time was indeed 8 something in the morning on Saturday...and temp....

a balmy 14 degrees. That's the actual temperature...doesn't take into account the wind and what the windchill might be. When we went by the bank, I did a double take because when I drove by the bank on my way to Veteran's park earlier it read 16...dropped a whole 2 degrees in just a half an hour. BRRRR

But we all made it back to Veteran's park. No worse for the wear, except the accumulation of a few icicles in our hair..

Hopefully next Saturday it will be a bit warmer with a bit less ice obstacles to deal with. Just keep in mind that if you can run in these conditions, spring weather will seem wonderful!!

Happy Running everyone, and Happy New Year!!

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